Dennis P. Wilcox
Trainer/Facilitator, Technical Communicator, Project Manager, and College Instructor

"The quality and workmanship were again topnotch."
MOM Brands (formerly, Malt-O-Meal)., Lakeville, MN.   Safety Training Program (Interactive DVD/Video)

"You were a delight to work with. Your work ethic, combined with your creative skills, made this project truly enjoyable. The quality of the finished product made the project very satisfying."
Electromed, Inc., New Prague, MN.   Medical Marketing and Training Video

"We all felt you were working with us to make the best product possible. Your guidance and expertise were immeasurable."
Cardinal Glass Industries, Minneapolis, MN.   Safety Training Program (Interactive DVD/Video)

Dennis P. Wilcox
Trainer/Facilitator, Technical Communicator, Project Manager, and College Instructor

Adjunct Instructor, Workplace Safety and Workforce Development,
Minneapolis Community & Technical College

OSHA Authorized Instructor
 for 10- and 30-Hour Safety and Health Courses, both General Industry and Construction

P.O Box 181
Northfield, Minnesota 55057

Specializing in the Areas of Manufacturing, Workplace Safety and OSHA Compliance, Transportation Safety, Food Safety and Hygiene (GMPs).

* Workplace Safety/OSHA 10- and 30-Hour Outreach    Training Workshops, Curriculum Development, and    Workforce Development  (via Minneapolis Community &    Technical College)
* Training program development and production
* eLearning program development and production
* Creative and technical writing
* Business-to-business marketing
* Company biographies and narratives

Recent Clients served by Dennis Wilcox

Minneapolis Community & Technical College (Adjunct Instructor)

Hennepin Technical College (Adjunct Instructor), Eden Prairie, MN
MOM Brands (formerly, Malt-O-Meal Company), Lakeville, Minnesota
Laura Baker Services Association,
Northfield, Minnesota
Electromed, Inc.
New Prague, Minnesota
Gagnon, Inc.,
St. Paul, Minnesota
Cardinal Glass Industries
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Funky Minds,
Carver, Minnesota
Frigoscandia/FMC FoodTech,
Northfield, Minnesota
Two Men And A Truck
Burnsville, Minnesota
Rice County Government
Faribault, Minnesota
Carleton College,
Northfield, Minnesota
Lonsdale, Minnesota
Dokken Dog Supply,
Northfield, Minnesota
Prairie Ecology Bus Center,
Lakefield, Minnesota
Northfield, Minnesota
Cultural Diversity Network,
Owatonna, Minnesota
Winona, Minnesota

OSHA 10- and 30-Hour Outreach Training

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