Professional Samples: Dennis Wilcox (Video Programs)
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Contact Information: Dennis Wilcox, 952.255.9787, Dennis Wilcox is based in Northfield, Minnesota.

Note: One of my biggest clients is Malt-O-Meal Co., Minneapolis, MN. I have produced over 125 training and internal communications video/DVD programs for this company. Because of a confidentiality agreement I have with them, however, I have not posted sample videos of my work for them here. Please contact me for information on these programs (

Video/DVD Programs
Training (Mfg., Safety, Medical)
Science Education and Public Information
Non-Profit and,

Glass Handling

Confined Spaces

Environmental Hazards-in Construction

Material Handling

Respiratory Vest


Flexible Packaging

Respiratory Vest

Respiratory Vest (Marketing)

Respiratory Vest (Training)

Natural History and Cleanup of Lakes in Rice County, Minnesota

Laura Baker Services Association

Laura Baker History

Funky Minds

Prairie Ecology Bus Center

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